Pregnant woman making heart shape with hands over stomach

What Moms Mean to their Children


The attachment between a mother and her child begins before the baby is born. From conception, a mother starts visualizing her newborn, modifies her lifestyle to care for the fetus, and starts attuning to her body’s signals that naturally change during pregnancy.

Upon birth, most mothers change their priorities. They refocus concerns about their own wellbeing to the baby. The baby becomes the force that guides the mother’s life.

This week’s blog is for the moms out there. It’s here to let you know what you mean to your child. I often ask children the question, “if you were to be on a deserted island, who would you take with you?” The most common answer I hear is, “my mom.” This means that between the struggles and fights, your child is deeply connected to you. Just as your son or daughter is the force that guides your life, you are the light guiding theirs. Never underestimate what you mean to them.

I often find that moms misinterpret being a guiding light as a need to be their child’s best friend. This is not the case at all. You are most effective when you are a sounding board for your child and provide structure and hope amongst chaos. You want to encourage your child to be independent but teach them how to ask for help when necessary.

I want to thank my own mother for teaching me how to find strength in myself during challenging times, for showing me how to be independent and at the same time accept that humans are a dependent species, and most importantly, for being the glue of our family. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, and all mothers!

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