Photograph of a hurricane

We Are All Human Beings


Hurricanes destroyed homes and businesses in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. The damage that these storms caused, while large, was often followed by an equally large sense of community. The heart-felt stories are numerous. University of Miami physicians guided a mother through the home-birth of her daughter, Destiny, during the storm. Marc Bell opened his multi-million dollar mansion to seventy foster children in need of shelter. Zoos worked to protect every single animal from what could have been a certain death. A man gave away his generator to a woman whose elderly father was sick and in greater need. And the community as a whole came together to provide financial resources, food and physical labor to support the relief effort. When catastrophes disrupt our way of life, something special happens – we unite – as humans of earth – and our differences are set aside. We reached out not only to our own families, but to anyone we were concerned about (even total strangers), asking “Are you and your family safe?” People united to clear roads, posted on social media locations where gas could be found, shared water and other supplies and worked together to make sure everyone was cared for. We make it through these disasters not by the actions of one, but by the actions of many. We need each other, and when that support is given it’s a beautiful reminder that our world is filled with so many good people. When push comes to shove, we all are just human beings. Thank you to everyone who helped with hurricane preparation efforts and the on-going relief effort. Your kindness and generosity has not gone unnoticed. Let’s continue to help those in need.  

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