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A Life Worth Living


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart,” Helen Keller nobly expressed. She desired a human connection and learned how to read, write and speak despite being deaf and blind. She made her life worth living.

Why is this important? While most don’t have the same physical limitations as Helen Keller, many are dissatisfied with their lives. People must determine what their life worth living looks like socially, financially and overall.

To many, a social life worth living will be filled with friends and family. You need to be honest and determine whether the quantity of friendships or the quality of each relationship is what fulfills you the most. Then, you must decide the amount of time and energy that you are willing to devote to each relationship and act accordingly. Only then will you be satisfied with your life socially.

Financial success, or a lack thereof, often bolsters or dulls an individual’s outlook on their life. If you desire more money, you need to be honest with yourself and create an action plan outlining what you need to do to increase your income. Don’t be afraid to ask those who have achieved financial success how they got there.

Assessing overall job satisfaction, work life balance and financial freedom all impact what people view makes their life valuable to them. If you desire a different career, start researching and then interviewing in the field you are passionate about.

Past achievements can help guide your life decisions. Think about what you are most proud of. This may help you realize what new goals you want to achieve.

Start outlining your ideal life today. Write down specific goals and set timelines to achieve them. Create a living calendar of where you want to be at a given time. This will make your vision of your life appear tangible. Be bold with your goals and start with changes you can make now. Set small goals on the path to your larger goals – little victories will help to keep you motivated and on track.

A life worth living isn’t just a phrase, it’s an idea that constantly is reassessed and shaped. Jack Kerouac said it well: “Put down the pen someone else gave you. No one ever drafted a life worth living on borrowed ink.” It’s your life. Determine what makes it valuable to you.

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